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EmojiHeadbands   ‘Nineties’ Headbands by Kitsch
AutismBracelet   Autism Awareness Bracelet
boodle1   Boodle One
boodle2   Boodle Two
SunglassCase   Bright & Sunny Sunglass Case
CactusB2   Cactus Coolness - Boodle2
CactusB1   Cactus Cuteness - Boodle1
EmojiElastics   Emoji Elastics
Eva-NYC   Eva NYC Surf’s Up! (Does not ship to Canada.)
FruitPuffyB1   Fab & Fruity - Boodle1
FestivalFlowersB2   Festival Flowers - Boodle2
FlowerPuff   Flower Puff Sponge
FlowerFunB1   Flowery Fun - Boodle1
Girl-Scouts-3-mos-B2   Girl Scout Subs
GlamMirror   Glam Girl Compact Mirror
HairTwists   Hair Twists
HeartPolish   Heart Attack Nail Polish
GeoHandChain   Kitsch Geo Hand Chain
TriHandChain   Kitsch Triangle Hand Chain
LovelyMirror   Looking Lovely Compact Mirror
LoveBracelet   Love Bracelet
HairTattoo   Metallic Hair Tattoos
PaisleyPedis   Paisley Pedis Manicure Kit
PandaMask   Panda Face Mask
PandaPretties   Panda Pretties - Boodle1
PandaWatch   Panda Slap Watch
PandaB2   Panda-monium Box - Boodle2
PinkBlossom   Pink Blossom Eye Lights
PolarBear   Polar Bear Hand Cream
PetalEmery   Pretty Petals Emery Boards
Puffy-Neon   Puffy Paints (Does not ship to Canada.)
Red-Black-BB-Bracelet   Red and Black Bubblegum Beaded Bracelet
BlossomGloss   Roll-On Lip Gloss
FlowerEggB1   Spring Flowers - Boodle1
SpringGlamB2   Spring Glam - Boodle2
Tattify-bugs   Tattify Lucky Lady Nail Wraps
VeraTin   Vera Bradley Pencil Tin
WhalesB1   Whale of a Time - B1
WhalesB2Alt   Whales & Summer Fun - B2
WhalesB2   Whales & Waves - B2
YogaHeadbands   Yoga Headbands (Set of 3)
FineEyeliner   You’re So Fine Eyeliner

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