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RedToGo   "Red-dy" to Go! - B1/B2
EmojiHeadbands   ‘Nineties’ Headbands by Kitsch
boodle1   Boodle One
boodle2   Boodle Two
CactusB2   Cactus Coolness - B2
CactusB1   Cactus Cuteness - B1
CargoConcealer   Cargo Jet Lag Concealer
EmojiElastics   Emoji Elastics
Eva-NYC   Eva NYC Surf’s Up! (Does not ship to Canada.)
BlackHeadband   Faux Leather Headband
Girl-Scouts-3-mos-B2   Girl Scout Subs
GlamMirror   Glam Girl Compact Mirror
HairTwists   Hair Twists
HeartPolish   Heart Attack Nail Polish
haircharms   Iron On Hair Charms - GO USA!
LOLMagnets   MAG GAB Magnets by Kate Aspen
HairTattoo   Metallic Hair Tattoos
MyntPolish   Mynt Nail Polish
PandaMask   Panda Face Mask
PandaWatch   Panda Slap Watch
PandaB2   Panda-monium Box - B2
PolarBear   Polar Bear Hand Cream
Puffy-Neon   Puffy Paints (Does not ship to Canada.)
Purplicious   Purplicious - B2
Red-Black-BB-Bracelet   Red and Black Bubblegum Beaded Bracelet
BeadedBraceletSet   Roll On Beaded Bracelet Set
BearySweet   So Bear-y Sweet - B1/B2
Tattify-bugs   Tattify Lucky Lady Nail Wraps - click on the photo of a better view.
YogaHeadbands   Yoga Headbands (Set of 3)
FineEyeliner   You’re So Fine Eyeliner

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