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BarBracelet   Bar Bracelet
boodle1   Boodle One
boodle2   Boodle Two
EmojiElastics   Emoji Elastics
FlowerPuff   Flower Puff Sponge
FreshFruity   Fresh and Fruity - Boodle 2
frozenclips   Frozen Hair Clips
FruitFriendsB1   Fruit & Friends - Boodle One
Girl-Scouts-3-mos-B2   Girl Scout Subs
GlamMirror   Glam Girl Compact Mirror
GoldHappyB2   Golden Happiness - Boodle Two
PandaWatch   Panda Slap Watch
PenguinB1   Penguin Party - Boodle One
PenguinB2   Penguin Pizzazz - Boodle Two
PinkBlossom   Pink Blossom Eye Lights
Puffy-Neon   Puffy Paints (Does not ship to Canada.)
SugarSpiceB1   Sugar & Spice - Boodle One
VeraTin   Vera Bradley Pencil Tin
WhaleHeadband   Whale Headband Trio
WhaleClips   Whale Paperclips
WhaleNecklace   Whale Tale Necklace
Wishbone   Wishbone Necklace
FineEyeliner   You’re So Fine Eyeliner

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